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SCAM ALERT: Cashless Pay Group Crypto Scam — Copycatting ORCA

SCAM ALERT: Cashless Pay Group Crypto Scam — Copycatting ORCA

Cashless Paygroup is a Crypto Scam that copied pretty much all of ORCA’s homepage.

We do not know who runs Cashless… What we know is that they copied us in pretty much everything in order to scam crypto investors.

Honestly, we are flattered. However, we need to defend our intellectual property, and, more importantly, we need to defend our community from these low-life scammers.

As our Token Generation Events (TGE) have been extremely successful, and ORCA is growing at an extremely fast pace, it is natural that some (horrible) people try to take advantage, and make some extra money.

In nature, there is a specific name for organisms that live at the expense of a host: parasites.

Is there a “Singapore Crypto Currency”?

NO! While it is hard to predict whether a government will adopt a form of cryptocurrency, we are sure that Cashless Paygroup is not taking part in any initiative of the sort. In fact, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has included the Cashless Paygroup in the investor’s alert list. — Good confirmation of this “project” as a SCAM!

P.S. ORCA is fully compliant and regulated by European Authorities.

Who Is In Charge of Cashless PayGroup?

We would love to know that! Unfortunately, we don’t. Actually, the fact that whoever is in charge of this page is hiding from the public eye indicates a high probability of it being a SCAM (oh and also the fact that they copied ORCA)!

Are you reading this and you happen to be the person responsible for Cashless Paygroup? Shame on you to try and scam people. Also, you forgot to change some of ORCA’s info:

Everyone makes mistakes right? :(
At least change the code bro!

What steps did ORCA take in order to protect its community?

  1. We have issued complaints to several Singaporean Authorities;

2. We have contacted news outlets that reported on Cashless Paygroup;

3. And we are now issuing this statement.

Like always, please be aware of Scammers. If you have any doubts, or perhaps know about some other look-alike pages, please get in touch with us through our social channels:

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