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ORCA TGE Round II Wrap Up and Updates

Thank you all!

Thank you! Thank you for being awesome! Thank you for your contributions! But, in special, thank you for believing in ORCA! Your support means a lot to me, and to the whole team!

We started this journey with the intention to add real value to the world — not only to the crypto community.
And, honestly, we would not have made it this far if it was not for you!

Last Friday, ORCA’s CEO, Natan Avidan, has shared a video message to our community: You can watch the video by clicking on this link.

Also, our CTO, Dima Radin, has a personal message for you:

I would like to wish everyone great holidays and stay strong during the bloody market period. Also, keep strong belief in the technology because New Year will not only bring ORCA tools and platform to the public, but also I believe it will give all of us great experience and lots of adventures.

In essence, THANK YOU for being amazing! We love you!

Without further ado, I am happy to inform that the number of tokens issued was of approximately 1 000 000 tokens. Although we have not yet finished the issuing process for prizes, and other rewarded activities, so the number will inevitably grow.

Why am I happy to announce this number when is it lower than the first round?

Simply because we were unfortunate enough to hold our TGE during one of the worst months crypto has ever experienced. On top of that, the amount spent on acquisition (i.e. advertising) was a staggering: €0!

This comes only to show that even though odds were against us, we have an amazing and engaged community that believes in ORCA! And we are very proud of this community!


All bonus tokens will be audited and issued until the end of the year. We encourage everyone who hasn’t yet claimed their tokens do it till the end of the year also. And after that during January we plan to audit, clear and close all the token generation procedures!

1. What Are We Up To Right Now Technically?

We have just launched the PYGMY version of our platform and are onboarding the first batch of users!

We want to do things right, so you have a good experience, and we have happy users. Therefore, we are inviting a limited amount of users every day.

If you are not in the waiting list to test our platform, you can register your interest on our website: and click on the top banner. :)

Our development team has just launched the currency converter, and price alert functionality for Kraken and Binance (other exchanges will soon follow)!

Also, once you are in PYGMY, you can earn extra tokens for problems and feedback given to [email protected]

Another part of the team is concentrated in working on the UI and UX for our upcoming mobile app (Which, as you can understand, we cannot yet provide any screenshots).

Our top priority is to provide you with a better, and smoother experience with ORCA at every step we take!

2. Strategic Growth

In itself, we are a FinTech company, and as such, to keep supporting our extraordinary growth, we are in talks with Venture Capital Funds.

Also, we are heavily focused on offering people control over their personal data. Hence, one of our main objectives with ORCA’s platform is allowing our users to have peace of mind — to be assured that their data is safe from hacks and leaks. That is where blockchain technology comes in handy! Furthermore, we believe that users should be rewarded BY companies to have access to their data, that is why we are allowing companies to bid for access (not ownership) of user’s data. Then the user will have the chance to give consent in exchange for a given reward. The important thing is: No one, not even ORCA, has access to your data. You are in CONTROL!

In sum, we want our users to have peace of mind and be put in charge of their financial data. That is why our slogan is: YOUcentralized Financial Services.

In January, we will issue a StakeHolder (yes, that is you) Information Sheet that details all plans, and onboarding procedures.

We will also be launching a Forum where you can interact with our development team, suggest new features and communicate bugs! All we want is to be open and accountable to our community! Transparency is the fuel that powers ORCA (that and squids, and other maritime beings)!

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