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ORCA Telegram 2.0: Group Migration

Getting back from a short holiday we’re starting our week with some important stuff right away. We’re migrating our Telegram Group and setting up a new one which is significantly better, faster, stronger and more efficient than our last one.

The decision of group migration has been approved for a number of reasons. First of all, due to the nature of Telegram coding, we suspect a significant number of accounts present in the legacy group might be bots. These accounts display peculiar inactivity in the group nor engage with other members, and may have compromising goals. These suspicious accounts were one of the reasons why we had to mute our group during the first hours of ORCA ICO Round I.

What is more, our admins and moderators have faced multiple challenges when trying to set up moderation rights and implement automated services within the group.

Inside the new group, we plan to initiate new measures oriented towards community building.

The most appropriate news and announcements will be shared within the group, community support will be available 24/7 coupled with the most relative news, tweets, and articles coming from the crypto industry.

To prevent issues that constituted problems in the legacy group, in a couple days time we’re initiating ‘prove you’re a person’ validation process similar to the CAPTCHA program you find in websites over the internet.

The updated policy of the group is structured to prevent bot accounts from joining and staying present in the group.

One more new implementation is that we will be awarding karma points to existing users for their active participation. Acquired points will be listed in group’s leaderboards and rankings. Community points will not only be earned through active chatting but also via engagement in weekly community activities. Other group members will have the option to dedicate points to each other based provided merits.

Address of the new group is (link) We are going to update the pinned message in the old group and will redirect all new entrants coming through the legacy links to the new one.

The changes to be set up are a part of the iteration process in order to achieve higher efficiency and user satisfaction. We believe that Telegram group quality and its functions are an important asset of our project and we are continuously striving to achieve this goal.

Be sure to check out our new Telegram Group and evaluate the changes for yourself. We are looking for feedback and are always open for suggestions on how to improve even more.

See you inside ORCA 2.0!

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