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ORCA Pegged ETH at $240 — Woops.

ORCA Pegged ETH at $240 — Woops.

Yeaa… We have made a “mistake”. We have pegged ETH at $240 and now it is worth about $117. Ouch…

We wrote a couple of days ago about the ongoing Crypto BloodBath. Unfortunately, it affects all of us. However, when we launched the second round we wanted to be fair and wanted everyone to have equal access to ORCA — this means, not heavily dependent on how the crypto market is doing.

Of course, we might have predicted a slight downtrend in ETH (and other cryptos for that matter)over the current month, in order to benefit our contributors we pegged ETH at $240, nonetheless, we surely did not see this coming.

Despite this (unfortunate) situation for crypto and crypto enthusiasts, we have found that this bloodbath together with the ETH pegged at $240, drove a big influx in contributions, and interest in our second Token Generation Event (TGE).

Telegram Group on fire!

People started seeing an opportunity in ORCA’s second TGE and our communication channels have been flooded with questions about how can they buy ORCA’s Tokens (with ETH pegged at $240).

If you wonder that yourself, take a look at our quick guide here.

So… If you believe on our project and everything we stand for, why don’t you capitalise on our ‘mistake’? Why don’t you make an omelet with a couple of broken eggs (quite a euphemism for the current state of crypto)

We will be waiting for your contribution! :)

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