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How to participate in ORCA TGE Round II?

Step by step guide

Here you can find a step by step guide on how to participate in the second round of ORCA TGE.

STEP 1: Access your ORCA Cabinet

You will receive an email from containing an individual link to ORCA CABINET. Click on it to log in.

If you’ve received the cabinet link before, you can access it directly right now. Visit

STEP 2: Login to your cabinet

To access your cabinet create a password and login to your account.

STEP 3: Choose payment method

When you are all logged in, choose the most convenient payment method. You can choose to purchase ORCA tokens with Bitcoin, Ethereum or Tomocoin.

STEP 4: Amount of contribution

Enter the amount of contribution and click the blue button on the right “BUY ORCA TOKENS”.

STEP 5: Buy ORCA Tokens

Copy the automatically generated purchase order address and pay to this address from your wallet.

STEP 6: Get your ORCA Tokens

After the whole procedure, the tokens are sent to you. It might take a while for them to appear in your ORCA Cabinet.

Don’t see your tokens in your wallet? CLICK Here:

Tutorial: How to add ORCA tokens to wallet balance

Still having problems? Join ORCA Telegram group and chat with ORCA admins. They’re on demand 24/7

For the time being, follow ORCA on social media and stay always in tune with ORCA!

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