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An Interview to an ORCA’s Contributor

We asked an active ORCA’s contributor and prized member of our community to share his HONEST insights about our project. Below, it is Scott’s testimony.

How did I discover Orca:
I found Orca through a recommendation from a crypto friend. Did my own research on Orca after that.

How does Orca interest me:
I always have a problem maintaining my crypto account, be it in exchanges or wallets. I have accounts in 8 different exchanges. Managing them is very troublesome. Need to log in with authentication every time. Send coins from one exchange to another, and so much more hassle. With Orca, I can manage all the accounts in one single app. Easy.

The most attractive part of ORCA’s project to me:
1. All accounts in one app.
2. Crypto to fiat (OMG, they took only 6 secs to do that).
3. AI function.
4. Great community in Telegram. Love it so much.

About Orca team:
One word, solid. They have such a great team.
1. I love how they handle Telegram group so efficiently, with the introduction of Orca 2.0 Telegram group. This group is the best group I have among all other projects out there. Active engagements, real people and no bots. Not forgetting the rep function, where the community can rep each other for meaningful discussions.
2. Active team. The team always update us about the progress via emails or Telegram. Great posts in medium too.
3. Great vision. The team understood that ICO is not doing well this year and diversify into conventional fundraising activity (equity round).

1. Not enough events participated to gain exposure. Many of my friends didn’t know about Orca before I introduced them, although they are hardcore ICO fans.
2. Worried about the success of this project due to the low sales volume in ICO round two, although round one was a success. So far no announcement about the equity round progress.
3. Delay on Pygmy beta release (according to the roadmap it is supposed to be in Oct 2018).
4. App to dependent on API to work. For example, if banks in Asia do not implement the PSD2 directive, then crypto to fiat withdrawal will not be available for Asia users.

What I would like to see real soon:
1. The announcement of equity round progress.
2. Pygmy beta.
3. Financial status (due to the severe drop in BTC and ETH). How does it affect Orca current financial? Will it be enough for Orca to survive for the next few months? Will the project pull off?

We would like to thank Scott for the time given to this interview and all the support throughout our project. Without members like him, ORCA would not have such an awesome community!

Regarding his questions and concerns, we will address them really soon (shortly after the second TGE is wrapped up).

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