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The ORCA Token is the universal utility token of the ORCA Platform

ORCA Alliance is all about bridging the divide between traditional finance, the crypto world and various service providers in-between. For this to happen, a reliable unified measure of interaction – the ORCA token – is created to facilitate this process.

ORCA tokens are utilized in the interaction between different users, service providers, app developers and the Platform itself.

As ORCA is based on integrating 3rd party services with an established user base, every new user or service provider is expected to have a self-evident effect on the growth of the Platform.

ORCA Alliance uses the newest technological improvements by adopting the ERC-777 standard for its crypto tokens.

ORCA Tokens were sent to our community members in exchange for their contributions during the Token Generation Event. The amount of issued tokens is limited and no more will ever be created.

Total ORCA token supply is 187 836 600.51 and consists of several parts:

Tokens sold during the TGE (123,544,812.92 tokens, which is 65.77% of the total supply);

Community Fund (18,400,000.00 tokens, 9.80% of the total supply);

Partner Fund (18,216,000.00 tokens, 9.70% of the total supply);

Team Fund (14,550,000.00 tokens, 7.75% of the total supply);

Bounty Fund (13,125,787.59, 6.99% of the total supply).

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