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What is ORCA

ORCA Alliance is on an important mission - to make personal finance management easy and fast. We hope to achieve that by connecting all financial services to a single access point, enabling user to perform any finance related task quickly and without the need of multiple log-in passwords.

We connected cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets, made it simple to track one’s portfolio. Currently, bank accounts are being integrated and various financial services will follow.

Ultimately, ORCA is the single tool for personal finance management, empowering you to make the most of your portfolio.

A brief history

Back in 2017, some innovative people gathered around a common idea - to make personal finance management easy. How - the question remained. What about an ecosystem that places cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges next to traditional bank accounts in a convenient all-in-one display and is powered by AI?
And so ORCA Alliance was born.

When we started this venture, we thought the best way to build a solid base for the ultimate goal is to have a clear regulatory direction, all necessary approvals and acceptance from the responsible parties, establish mutually beneficial partnerships and secure strong strategic cooperations. So we gathered like-minded people, regulators and businesses together to discuss topics such as mass adoption of cryptocurrencies, their pros and cons, how can a sustainable crypto-fiat economy be established. From organising a round-table discussion in the European Parliament, to presenting a technical solution of our product - ORCA was an active player from the very beginning.

Our partners


ORCA has posted quite a few extensive articles over the last 2 years. By releasing relevant information regarding the TGE, regulatory environment, user’s privacy, personal fianance management and interesting cases in the market, ORCA shows the belief that informing the community about the subjects that matter is essential. We therefore invite you to have a read on what our copywriters came up with over the time.

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